Income and wealth inequality

Gini coefficient 

It condenses the entire income distribution for a country into a single number between 0 and 1. When the numbers higher it means there is greater income inequality .

If it’s above 0.4 inequality is frequently assocaiGed with political instability and growing social tensions.

The latest value for the Gini Coefficient in the UK is a figure of 0.35.

The change in Gini indices has differed across countries. Some countries have change little over time, such as Belgium, Canada, Germany, Japan, and Sweden. Brazil has oscillated around a steady value. France, Italy, Mexico, and Norway have shown marked declines. China and the US have increased steadily. Australia grew to moderate levels before dropping. India sank before rising again. The UK and Poland stayed at very low levels before rising. Bulgaria had an increase of fits-and-starts. .svg alt text


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